In 1994 the Breyer Model Horse Company selected Domino to be a special edition Breyer Horse.  He joins such equine greats as Roxene, Seabiscuit, Gem Twist and another Texas celebrity,Holly Dun It in this honor.  Domino was chosen because of his beautiful and unique coloring to introduce Breyer's new dressage tack.  That year Domino was also included in a children's horse video called "I Love Horses" where he was shown galloping to music across a beautiful meadow.

Because of his beauty and unique color, Domino attracts attention whereever he goes.  He has been the subject of several videos and was featured on the cover of the popular book Horse Gaits Balance and Movement by Susan Harris. A series of photographs by accomplished equine photographer Susan Sexton have been featured in many equine publications.

Carson McCorkle visits Domino in 2005 for a photo with his Breyer model  horse. The Domino Breyer models are collectors' items now, as only 7500 models  were made by the Breyer company in 1995.