On March 30, 2005, our beloved Domino was laid to rest at Steele Away Farm. After a brief stay at the Equiplex Vet Clinic, it was determined that he had a form of stomach cancer.  We were able to bring him back to his home of the last 7 years at Steele Away Farm, where he was humanly put to sleep and buried in his pasture under his favorite tree.

Words cannot describe our sadness. We only hope that his legacy will live on in his wonderful offspring and that they will find the love and affection he did in his life here. It has been a privilege to have known and loved him...he will not be forgotten.

Thank you to all who have sent their condolences and we especially thankDr. Willard and the staff at Equiplex Vet Clinic for their care for him in his last days.

May God bless him and keep him safe as he blessed us.